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Ayurvedic Herbalism



Ayurveda is about living in balance with our unique given physical and mental constitution. When we achieve balance, we will enjoy health, good energy, and an overall sense of well being. Ayurveda helps to achieve balance through dietary changes, herbal formulations, and lifestyle changes. To learn more about how Ayurveda works please click More About Ayurveda.   


Ayurvedic Herbalism

Herbal Formulation plays an important role in helping restore your balance, and is a key component of Ayurveda. Each of our herbal formulations is carefully personalized for the individual client and is made from the best organic ingredients available.  To learn more about our approach to herbal formulations, please click More About Herbalism.


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Katharina Rock is an Herbalist and Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine serving clients in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and the entire Bay Area. If you are looking for an herbalist or Ayurveda Practitioner in California, please click below to schedule your initial Ayurvedic Consultation.

Mint Tea
Image by Stephanie Guarini

"It is really important for me that my clients learn to keep themselves in balance with their own individual constitution. Living in balance with your constitution builds immunity, resilience and well-being. While the treatment of acute or chronic issues is important, I also want my clients to learn about a healthy way of life so they can be well and vibrant and achieve their goals."

From Katharina Rock

(Founder of Ayurveda for Balance ) 

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