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Ayurvedic Herbalism

Herbs Customized For The Individual


The Ayurvedic Approach to Personalized Medicine

Individualized Formulations

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Each person has a unique constitution and lifestyle. Each herb has its own characteristics too. Some are heating, some are cooling, some are drying, some work on the whole body and some work better for certain tissues or organs. Herbs also vary in taste, post-digestive effects and special potencies. Because of this, herbal formulations must be developed to match the actions of the herbs to the unique constitution of the client in order to be effective.


In Ayurveda we say, "Nothing works for everybody, but everything works for somebody". Because of this, all of our Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations are personalized to the individual and their specific situation. 


Our herbal formulations can be made in various forms for internal or external use: 

  • teas

  • powders (churnas) and capsules

  • medicated oils

  • medicated ghees

  • salves and lotions

  • tinctures

Whole and Organic Herbs


Traditionally herbs have been the primary medicinal agent in all regions and cultures of the world. Many of them are common spices - ginger, turmeric, coriander, fennel just to name a few -  and are used in day-to-day cooking. At Ayurveda for Balance we use a wide range of both ayurvedic and western herbs. 


All of our herbs used in herbal formulations are organically grown. We use whole plants or part of plants (roots, leaves, flowers) to capture the balanced nature of their qualities. 

The oils, ghees and essential oils used in our formulations are organic too. 

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