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Ayurveda Moments - Oct 2020

Dear Ayurveda Friend,

Welcome to the first newsletter from Ayurveda for Balance! I hope you'll find the topics of this month interesting and inspiring. Any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me at


Autumn Cleanse time is here!

Fall and Spring are the transitional seasons for a gentle ayurvedic home cleanse. In autumn we want to remove any accumulated heat or inflammation (pitta dosha) so it doesn't get lodged into our systems as we are going into hibernation mode.

I am offering a gentle ayurvedic cleanse going over a 3 week period:

  1. In the first week unhealthy or irritating substances like coffee and sugars are reduced from your food list.

  2. In the second week the focus is on eliminating the accumulated heat and toxins from your system.

  3. In the third week, we slowly re-introduce the foods that you choose to keep on your food list for the long term while strengthening your digestive fire. You will probably find one or the other previously eliminated item that won’t make it back on your list or not in the same extend – cleanses are always as well periods of discovery!

All phases are supported by herbal formulas specifically designed for you as well as 3 weekly consultations to check in. An initial assessment of your ayurvedic balance is required to allow for a cleanse tailored to your needs.

Contact me for more details and your specific situation.


Autumn Season - Do's and Don'ts

In Ayurveda we acknowledge the influences of the daily and seasonal rhythms on our bodies and minds. Fall is the season of cold, dry and mobile qualities. You might notice more sensitivity or pain, more bloating or gas, even constipation, lighter sleep, anxiety, more dryness in your skin or mucous membranes. Ayurvedically we want to counterbalance those qualities in our daily lifestyle and routines: anything grounding, warming and moisturizing will be beneficial. Here a few suggestions:

  • Move from summer's raw food to cooked food: warm cooked foods are easier to digest and more grounding. Soups and warm teas are back in the seasonal menu!

  • Use more good quality oils in your foods: ghee, sesame or olive oil can be added to almost any dish.

  • Spice up your food a bit with warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, cumin, fennel or cardamon.

  • Daily routines like oil massages or meditation provide structure, refuge and grounding for the mind.

Please make sure you get regular sleep. Going to be around 10 pm is most beneficial for our metabolism and for the detoxification of our lymph system including the brain's lymphatics. Check out my "Better sleep with Ayurveda" guide

From the herbal kitchen: Elderberry Syrup for improved immunity

Ingredients: Elderberry, Shisandra berry, Eleuthro, Echinacea root, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Wild Flower honey, 40% proof alcohol (for preservation).

A non-alcoholic version is available as well. It can be picked up at my office in Oakland, CA (please arrange for pick up times) or shipped to anywhere in the US.


With my best wishes for a safe, healthy and balanced fall season,

Katharina Rock

Ayurvedic Doctor

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